The Colberg High Performance Tractor Pulling Fuel & Diesel Racing Fuel is designed to give you the edge you need to take your tractor pulling or diesel racing to the next level. With increased acceleration, torque, and overall power, you can feel the difference in the performance of your vehicle. Plus, the fuel has been tested and proven to give you the results you need to win. Get the power and torque you need to win with Colberg High Performance Diesel Tractor Pulling and Diesel Racing Fuels!

  • Tractor Pulling

    Count on our fuel to give your tractor the competitive edge it needs to surpass the rest.

  • Truck Pulling

    Colberg High Performance Diesel Fuels also enhances truck pulling capabilities.

  • Diesel Dragsters

    For Diesel Dragsters, it is crucial to have a fuel that offers both rapid response and an ample amount of BTUs to carry them through the finish line. Colberg fuels have been specially formulated to provide the power and torque needed for a win.